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These Vehicles have been Sold

1997 Buick Riviera



      1997 Buick Riviera.  Oh how I've loved these 95 through 99 Rivieras thru the years.  My first one was a used 95 with 22,000 miles I bought when it was a year old in Spokane, Washington.  I drove that for a few years and sold it and then bought a jeep and immediately regretted that decision only to turn right around in 1999 to buy a light blue 96 just like the one I sold in the fall of 2017 that's under the sold section of my website.   All in all I've owned 6 of these Rivieras thru the years.  What a beautiful car they are.  Smooth and  stunning in all ways.  Honestly in my opinion the very best buy on the market for your money.  This one is no exception.  Unreal and flawless condition throughout puts this Riviera at the very very pinnacle of all other Rivieras out there.  Drives very nice and absolutely all options work correctly on the car.  I cannot stress enough on this particular car  ,,  the condition is a 10 out of 10.  The paint, interior, engine, tires, brakes, dashboard, undercarriage are all in absolutely mint condition .  There is ZERO, I repeat  ,,  ZERO wear and tear anywhere on the car.  I purchased the car from Colorado where the vehicle spent its entire life and put 2000 miles on it gracefully driving across the country about a year ago. Jump in this car and drive across the country in complete confidence.  I made a nice video to showcase the stunning looks of the car as well as the overall incredible condition the car truly is in.  Just turned 61,750 miles on June 13, 2018.   I welcome all visits with appointments to come and see the car yourself and take her for a test drive.  You will not be disappointed.  A non smoker from new.  No leaks that I can find and again it runs and drives like a dream.  Exactly as they were intended from the Factory.  My name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-853-1967.  If I do not answer please leave a message.  I will not text.  thank you kindly.

1967 Heated seats Cadillac Eldorado


1967 Cadillac Eldorado.  Arguably one of the most rare 67 Eldorados your ever going to see.  This particular car was ordered with every option possible except for passenger side reclining seat.  In the 23 years I have been owning, loving, buying and selling these late 60's Eldorados I have never come across one with the heated seat option as this one has !!!!!!!!  Now mind you I have been searching for one with this option for at least 20 years.  In my research I discovered only approx. 50 of these cars were made with that option.  So to say this car is RARE is an understatement.  It was sold to a very nice family in Texas to add to his other black 67 Eldorado they keep.  Please enjoy the video as well as the photos of this fine American classic.  Michael Stanton  315-853-1967

1996 Buick Riviera


         1996 Buick Riviera.  These cars are getting harder and harder to find all the time.  This car sold to a friend of mine in Louisiana who traded in a beautiful 1983 Cadillac Eldorado.  I've owned about 5 of these Rivieras from 1995 - 1999.  They are beautiful, smooth, quick, quiet inside and rock solid.  If your interested in buying one of these do your research about them on youtube.  there are a lot of videos on them and when they were new.  A concept car turned into reality.  I was in love from day one.  I purchased my first one in 1996 as a used 1995 model and fell in complete love with it.  Amazing to me that 22 years have passed and my love affair with these mid 90's Rivieras has never faded.  I welcome all visits to come and drive any car I might have for sale or to just view my personal collection. As always and with all the cars I sell  Please don't text me, I will not respond.  Please call me at 315-853-1967. My name is Michael Stanton.  Thank you

1967 Cadillac Eldorado


         1967 Cadillac Eldorado.  One of the best ones I have ever had and in my opinion the prettiest color combo I've ever had the pleasure of owning.  If you are shopping for a 67 Eldorado you probably know that very very few came with front disc brakes.  I have owned approximately 15 of these 67 models in my lifetime and this is the only one I have ever had that has had front wheel disc brakes, making this particular car quite special indeed.  Not to mention if you watch my video I talk about the fact that the paint on this car is also very special not to mention in extraordinary condition.  Atlantis blue firemist is the name and it is truly a stunning color and with the dark blue leather interior and padded blue vinyl top it comes together in such a stunning way.  If your on my website click on the button that says extra photos and it will take you to my flicker account that contain over 100 additional photos of the car.  I am located in Clinton NY and I welcome visits to come look at the car and I will entertain all partial trades as well.  Buying and selling cars like this one are entertainment only for me.  This is not what I do for a living.  I have loved classic cars all my life and it makes me happy to own, drive, showoff and sell them.  Please don't text me, I will not respond.  Please call me at 315-853-1967. My name is Michael Stanton.  Thank you

2008 Harley Dyna Low Rider


       2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider.  I took this bike in on partial trade for a 2012 Challenger SRT8 about 9 months ago and honestly have struggled with the decision to sell it.  The reason is simply because the bike is so extraordinary I was going to just keep it.  I do , however, own a few other personal motorcycles and you can't keep everything.  So as of May 6, 2017 the bike is up for sale.  The gentleman I got the bike from bought it brand new in 2008 and if you look at the photos I provided on Flicker you'll see he paid over $23,000 for the bike.  He purchased all sorts of accessories that will go with the bike.  Beautiful 105 anniversary cover, front leather mounted carrying bag, left handlebar HD clock, right handlebar mounted HD temperature gauge, right hand side mounted oil pressure gauge, passport handlebar mounted radar detector , a front low mounted oil cooler  and a seat back rest for a passenger.  I'm sure there are more things I may have missed but the point is this bike is not only absolutely perfect but it is an anniversary model with the beautiful copper paint and has only 622 miles on it.  I've been riding motorcycles for close to 40 years and this is one of the nicest bikes I've ever drove.  Smooth, agile, quick, fast and sounds wicked.  Hopefully my photos and videos convey how awesome this bike is.  I have shipped motorcycles quite a lot.  Usually around $500 to $600 to ship to just about anywhere in the lower 48 states.  I'll be happy to assist in all shipping arrangements.  Anyone is welcome at any time to come look at the bike as long as you make an appointment with me.  I'll consider all trades.  Please call me at 315-853-1967.  My name is Michael Stanton and I live right here in historic Clinton NY 13323.

1973 Pontiac Grandville Hardtop


        1973 Pontiac 4 door Grandville Hardtop.  I recently took this fine 4 door Grandville in on partial trade towards a beautiful brown 73 Grandville convertible you can view by going to my sold section.  The couple I got this car from purchased the car years ago in Colorado and drove in back to their home state of Ohio.  I've been driving this car for a few weeks and I must say it really is quite a car.  The color alone garnishes a crazy amount of attention.  It runs, drives, brakes and handles as a brand new car.  It has no issues to speak of and even the A/C blows ice cold,  truly just a fine old american cruiser that will put all new cars to shame by was of comfort, beauty, elegance and power.  That 455 pulls nice and strong.  Please take the time to review all of my photos and video.  The only reason I consider partial trades for my vehicles is just because I love this hobby so much it gives me pleasure to be able to drive all sorts of different vehicles as well as motorcycles.  I live right here in Clinton NY 13323 and welcome all visits by making an appointment with me.  Please don't text me, I will not text you back.  I sell cars by talking to people on the phone.  My number is 315-853-1967.  Thank you kindly.  Michael Stanton

1985 Ramcharger Royal SE


        1985 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE.  4 Wheel drive !!!!!  Well I'm not sure how I find vehicles of this caliber, but I always seem to do it.  This one is certainly no exception.  Pay attention to these Ramchargers, they are going nowhere but straight up in value for a number of reasons.  First of all there are none left in good condition, they were used, abused, and then used some more. There unique, very unique in fact and lastly they have aged beautifully.  The definition of a bad ass truck is the Dodge Ramcharger.  This one is borderline flawless.  With only 76,700 original miles sporting its original paint throughout, I promise your not going to find another one anywhere in this kind of condition.  Paint and interior basically appear as if  the vehicle is brand new.  Its really hard to believe.  Honestly its one of the best preserved vehicles I have ever seen.  Please I welcome visits to come and observe for yourself and take it for a drive.  It drives real nice with ice cold A/C.  Has the high end stereo system for that year with the built in equalizer, tape player and CD player as well.  Big 5.9 liter 360 cubic inch V-8 runs strong.  So strong in fact that in first gear I find its easier to take off in second gear.  This engine has a lot of torque !!   Engine is unmolested  from new and very very clean.  Antenna was removed for my photos and is laying in the rear seat.  The undercarriage of this truck tells the whole story.  Absolutely no rust anywhere underneath and looks like a brand new dodge truck !!!!!!  Please look at my photos carefully and you will see what I mean.  On that note please also take the time to watch my video as it will answer almost all of your questions if not every one.  I will consider all partial trades and I am located in Clinton NY 13323.  Do not text me I will not respond.  Please call me at 315-853-1967.  Thank you.  Michael Stanton

1973 Pontiac Grandville Convertible


          1973 Pontiac Grandville Convertible.  Please enjoy my photos and video of this beautiful and completely stock 73 Grandville convertible finished in Burma brown with only 50, 700 original miles from new.  She runs and drives like a dream,  very correct in all ways.  Very smooth, agile  and quick on the throttle.  It ought to be with its original 455 cubic inch V-8.  Power top goes up and down very nicely.  It has a brand new convertible top motor as of a week ago.  Interior is in very good condition, no rip or tears on the seats.  Spare and jack are all in the trunk and the engine compartment of quite clean and completely original.  Usually with a car of 44 years you'll at least see a few things that have been altered through the years, however, this car appears to be unchanged from new.  Averaging only 1150 miles per year from new is quite impressive.  Paint is in very good condition overall with a few minor blemishes here and there but for the most part is very very nice.  Convertible top cover fits perfect and goes on with ease.  As I stated in my video the A/C is currently not blowing cold, however, it is all there as it should be.  I will consider all partial trades.  I welcome all visits to inspect the car and take it for a drive.  I think you'll find it to be a very impressive automobile.  I live in Clinton NY 13323 and my phone number is 315-853-1967.  Michael Stanton

1973 Cadillac Eldorado


      1973 Cadillac Eldorado. Once in a while I get to offer a truly stunning and stellar automobile. All of the cars I sell in my opinion are awesome, but some really are the creme de la creme. This is one of those cars. Female purchased new and spending most of its life in California, this Eldorado did not see many miles. A gentleman from Indiana purchased it next and from there it was purchased at a car show by a lady who just had to have it and would not take no for an answer. Please look at all the photos and especially my video. I do my very best to make the best possible photos and description in my videos. All in all the car is in near perfect condition throughout. It runs and drives better than any Cadillac I have ever driven, owned or currently own. It is truly fabulous in every way. Former owner even went through the extra expense of putting a brand new, exact factory specs Waldron's exhaust system on the car that you can see in the photos. Climate control works perfectly with ice cold A/C and heat. Radio antenna is in the windshield and the radio sounds wonderful. Tires are almost brand new, brakes normally with no shutter. Feels solid and true. Tracks normally, smells like fine leather inside. Seats are not fagged out and are very very comfortable. Steering wheel has no wear on it. Door panels are as new. The car has 20,500 miles on it. It is apparent in every part of the car. Its incredible. I cannot say much more without boring you. I encourage and welcome all visits. The car is stored in my garage at the moment and is ready to go. Cars of this caliber, color, low mileage and rarity only come by every so often. That often is now. My name is Michael Stanton and my phone number is 315-853-1967.

1967 Cadillac Eldorado


       1967 Cadillac Eldorado. I've loaded quite a few photos of this car as well as a youtube video for everyones viewing pleasure. Please take the time to view everything. I take a lot of photos and videos for this very reason. This is a spectacular 67 Eldorado finished in the very rare color combination of crystal firemist paint and dalmation cloth interior. Without a doubt the most striking combination I have ever seen on any 67-70 Eldorado I have ever owned or for that matter ever seen. This automobile is part of a 5 car Eldorado collection I am selling. This is the only one I have without a vinyl top and with firemist paint. With 78,000 original miles I purchased this car in Southern Florida from the son of the original owner. Therefore I am to be considered the third owner. The paint is in outstanding condition throughout with 1 recent respray in the original color of course. It has no flaws anywhere on the paint, no door dings, no scratches. Simply beautiful and elegant from every angle. I have 22 cars in my personal collection at the moment and this particular one gets more attention than any of them. Certainly because of the color and the striking dalmation interior as soon as they look inside. Tires are new, hubcaps in near perfect condition, drivers seat has a small separate in the material that can be easily repaired if the next owner so chooses. Runs and drives very nice with a recent tune-up. I will consider all partial trades and can assist with any shipping arrangements. I live in Clinton NY 13323, about 4 hours northwest of New York city. My name is Michael Stanton and my phone number is 315-725-1966 or 315-853-1967. Thank you very much.

1966 Olds Toronado

          1966 Oldsmobile Toronado. First off let me begin by stating that in all the years I have bought and sold classic cars this particular toronado is probably the finest car I've ever owned. Truly spectacular in just about every way you can name. I bought this car from a very nice gentleman in the south eastern part of the United states and he had owned the car since 1982. I'm not sure if I could be more proud of an automobile. I also highly highly doubt you'll find a better one anywhere in the country. It runs, drives and feels brand new going down the road. Ice cold A/C. I'll consider all trades and welcome visits to come drive and enjoy this masterpiece. I can also deliver it to you. I have an aluminum flatbed trailer and a diesel excursion. I live in central NY so depending on how far away from me you are depends on whether or not I can deliver it. Better yet,, fly into Syracuse NY which is very close to me and drive it home. I promise it will make it. Make sure to watch the Spike TV exclusive on this car,, its near the end of the episode. Current NADA book on this car is exactly $31,000. I've stood by at least 4 of these cars at auction in the last 18 months all selling in high 20's and not half as nice as this car. If you've been looking for your dream 66 toronado all your life but have yet to find one that moves or satisfies you ... I have your car in my garage. FINALLY !! Michael Stanton 315-725-1966. Also ... please use the inner scroll by on ebay to see all the photos of which there are approximately 125. All the photos are there,, all sides of car, interior, dash, engine, trunk, tires, paperwork.. and this vehicle is also coming out in a national Toronado calendar to be released for 2013

1968 Cadillac Eldorado


         1968 Cadillac Eldorado. Well I've loaded alot of photos and an 8 minute video on this outstanding example of a 68 Cadillac Eldorado I am selling. This is part of a five car Eldorado collection I am selling to include this 68, two 67's, a 70 and an 84. There is a lot of information out there on the 67 through 70 Eldorados and why they are considered to be one the most important and pivotal cars of all time. I am not going to go into all those reasons here. Please take the time to read for yourselves why these particular cars are so sought after. Rarely will you find one in this kind of condition. Of all five Eldorados I am going to sell this one has the lowest mileage at 26,195. I purchased this vehicle out of Northern California from the second owner. He purchased it from the original Owner in 2006. The car has spent its entire life in Northern California up until the time I purchased it and had it enclosed trailer delivered to me here in Clinton NY 13323. To say that this car drives like a new car is an understatement. It is a pleasure in every way. The gentleman I purchased it from had nine trophys he had collected over the years from various car shows and competitions that he did not want to let go with the car if that gives you any indication as to the condition and quality of this Eldo. Finished in soothing Kashmir Ivory with Covert gold brocade cloth interior. It might actually be my favorite color combination of all time. Also, it is the only one i have ever seen in this particular combination and I have seen and owned alot of these cars. I urge everyone to take the time to look at all of the photos carefully as well as my video. Please call me at 315-725-1966 with any questions on the car. Your welcome to email me but I find talking on the phone to be much more effective. I will not respond to text messages. I will consider all possible trades only because I buy and sell cars just for enjoyment purposes and nothing more. A hobby for me that is now in its 3rd decade has brought me so many friends and joy I will always continue to do so. My name is Michael Stanton. 

1960 Cadillac Coupe Deville

          1960 Cadillac Coupe Deville in concours perfect condition. I'm very proud to offer to the public the very finest automobile I have ever owned. This 1960 coupe deville was the recipient of a complete frame off restoration 5 years ago and is in absolutely perfect, pristine condition throughout with numbers matching engine!!!! There is not one single tiny little thing on the car that has a flaw in it. It is without a doubt the finest 60 coupe deville in the world. Some people may argue this point with me and I urge anyone who is interested in purchasing this world class automobile to please come and see the car in person. I am located in Clinton NY 13323. Clinton is right in the middle of New York State. Many times when you see a car restored to the highest levels as this car has been you will find that upon driving the car all sorts of things are in fact wrong with it. While many restoration shops as fine as they are can make a car look flawless, driving them turns out to be a disappointing affair, this car is not that. She drives just as beautifully as she looks. Goes down the road straight and true with cold A/C blowing on you and a wonderful sounding AM radio. This is what it felt like the day the car was driven off the showroom floor. Everything on this car is brand new. Please review the photos and video closely and you will see what I am raving about. Theres nothing more to say. If you want the absolute best money can buy you are looking at it. An automobile that will place first in every show and will only appreciate rapidly in the coming years. Certainly better than having your money in the stock market. I've got 18 cars in my personal collection and have been collecting cars for over 32 years. It is crazy for me to realize the values of my cars and how they have appreciated over the years. An automobile of this caliber and class will surely rise in value every year. I'll be happy to consider all trades and can possible deliver it to you as well depending on how far you live from me. My name is Michael Stanton and I am the owner of My phone number is 315-725-1966. Thank you


1964 Buick Riviera


             1964 Buick Riviera. I recently took this outstanding all original, untouched, unrestored 84,900 original mileage Riviera in on trade towards an Eldorado I had for sale. The gentleman who traded this car in drove the car 5 hours to me from Boston. The car performed brilliantly all the way here. I have since been driving it around quite a bit and I must admit it is probably the finest mid year Riviera I have ever driven ,, EVER !! It comes with all sorts of documentation and instead of writing it all down here, please look at all the photos and you will see a beautiful car show plaque in the trunk I took a photo of as well as a detailed history of the car written up nicely by the former owner who is an Air Force officer like myself. Cars like this come by not so often anymore. This car has the original paint on every panel of the car,, it is faded in spots and has a few scratches and blemishes here and there around the car but overall is in incredible condition as reflected in the photos. Highly optioned car for the year to include tilt wheel, cruise, power seats, windows, brakes, antenna, AM-FM, electronic eye (that works still !!) and rear seat speaker. Interior is near flawless and I can almost guarantee you'll never see another interior as perfect as this one. Even the clock keeps perfect time. Truly this is rare opportunity to own a completely untouched, original paint car that feels like its new going down the road. Its way faster than you think and responds with agilty and is quite nimble. Ride height is dead on perfect and it turns almost every single head going down the road. Original radio sounds smooth and vintage and the seats are very comfortable. It really does not get any better than this. I might consider trades, depends on what you have. Car is located in Clinton NY 13323. I welcome and encourage all visits but the car can only be driven if the weather is good, rain, snow or salt will not work. My name is Michael Stanton and the best number to reach me on is 315-725-1966, I do not do text messaging for business. thank you

1965 Buick Riviera


         Now here is a wicked ride. Going up for sale today is my beautiful 1965 Buick Riviera GS. Really a pretty awesome car finished in a very dark menacing green with black interior. Originally a 425 cubic inch car with dual quads. Someone blew the engine in the early years of the car and an engine from a 1970 Riviera was installed in the car. So it currently has a 455 cubic inch engine that was completely rebuilt only 6000 miles ago and it shows. It runs and drives very nice with plenty of get up and go. A real pleasure to drive and has a nice exhaust note but not overbearing. Please take the time to view my video and all the photos if you are interested in purchasing this fine, rare automobile. It was traded into me about a week ago and after driving it all around here for a few days it is going into winter storage today. Paint and interior are in outstanding condition with only a few small blemishes in a few small spots around the car, certainly nothing a camera would pick up. I very much welcome all visits to inspect and drive the car and would encourage you to do so if you are interested in purchasing. I have a real passion for cars like this, love doing trades and meeting everyone in this hobby. Please call me and I can answer any and all questions you may have. Cars like this Riviera only come up for sale so often and especially in this kind of condition. My name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-725-1966. thank you

1965 Mercedes Benz 230 SL

            Classic 1965 Mercedes Benz 230 SL (convertible) Purchased in 1980 by the current owner who is my neighbor and a good friend of Mine. I am listing the car for sale for him here on my website. His name is Colonel Albert Pagani, United States Air Force retired. Colonel Pagani was the director of Command and control Military Airlift Command (MAC) as well as the commander of Operational transport control. So you are buying this fine automobile from a very impressive member of our Armed forces. He has owned this incredible car for over 33 years and health forces him to pass this car onto someone else. Excellent condition; runs great 6 Cylinder; 2.3 litre, 4 Speed Transmission Driven less than 1000 miles/year since brought to NY in 1996. Stored from early Oct to early-May California car before 1996 Always garaged Engine rebuilt in 1992. Less than 24000 miles on rebuilt engine. Interior, wood trim restored 1992 Exterior remetalled where needed Painted in 1992 and in excellent condition Hard top and soft top. Both replaced in 1992 and in excellent condition Mercedes specific 230/250SL Hardtop Storage Rack and mounting harness Last appraisal (1995 in California) $32000. The car runs and drives beautifully and it will be getting a full professional complete detail before buyer picks up the car. Please call Michael Stanton at 315-725-1966 with any questions. Located in Clinton NY 13323. Thank you

1967 Cadillac Eldorado


            1967 Cadillac Eldorado. I think this is the first time in my life I have ever offered an automobile for sale to the world that has never been for sale before. What I mean by that is, this Eldorado was sold new on June 29, 1967 in Ogallala, Nebraska to a doctor and his wife. As a couple they kept the car until the early 90's. They lived in Florida in the winter months and would drive the Eldorado to Florida every winter for 25 years. In the early 90's they gave to there nephew who then passed it on to another relative. I purchased the car about 6 years ago from this gentleman by talking him out of the car. I found it online from photos at a national Cadillac show it was at and won first place. I contacted this gentleman and purchased the car even though it was not currently for sale anywhere, therefore, I am the first person since the car was new to actually put this incredible car up for sale to the general public. The car was completely disassembled prior to me purchasing the car and was completely and utterly restored to the highest levels I have ever seen in a 67 Eldorado. I am quite certain it is the best one in existence. In my video I stated the paint is base coat clear coat but it is not. It has a full high quality lacquer paint job that is without flaw anywhere. It is absolutely perfect throughout and the only new car on the market with paint like this would be a Bentley. There is no orange peel anywhere and it is PERFECT !! My favorite part of the car is the leather interior. It is all new and truly spectacular. Soft and supple to the touch and beautiful to sit on. For those of you who know these Eldorado's then you know this is a rare one. They did not make many console cars is 67 and fewer still with front disk brakes. This is that car. The original doctor who ordered this car ordered it completely loaded out and in my opinion one of the finest color combinations I have ever seen. A/C blows cold and the car is a pleasure to drive and own. It is officially for sale, I might consider trades depending on what you have. The car is located right here in Clinton NY 13323. I welcome all visitors. First person who is serious about buying this car and comes to look at it will buy it. It has a presence on every level that will make all men weak in the knees and there ladies as well. Don't low ball me,, I do not welcome those offers. Call me on the phone and talk to me. My number is 315-725-1966. I own 17 cars in my personal collection at the moment that range from old Shelby mustangs to jags and Mercedes. I love cars and have ever since I started collecting matchbox cars in 1971. I still have all those matchbox cars. The 17 cars in my collection are nothing more than big matchbox cars that I love and show off all the time. Once in a while I let a few go so I can have the pleasure of going out and finding some more. That is why this Eldorado is leaving my stable. Michael Stanton. Thank you for viewing my auction.

2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8


        2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8. I recently took this incredible low mileage SRT8 in on trade for another vehicle I had for sale. The gentleman who owned this car was a very good friend of mine. To say he took meticulous care of this fine automobile is an understatement. Hard to believe these are already 5 years old. I take a lot of photos and videos for a very good reason, not to show off any skills I might have with the camera, but to allow someone who is truly interested in the car to take the time and review every single photograph as well as take the time and watch and hopefully rewatch the videos so that by the time they call me on the car most of their questions have been answered and they feel comfortable not only with the car but with me. Extra's with this car include a diablo tuner that costs $400, so you can make the car even faster if you should so choose. The original rims with all attaching hardware. Brand new chrome rims you see displayed in my videos and pictures and all the original manuals and books and even the original manifest that came with the car new from the factory. It runs and drives absolutely perfect, there is nothing wrong with the car. It has never been hit or in an accident, the paint and interior are in near perfect condition. The stereo blasts, the exhaust sounds incredible, it brakes like a jet landing on an aircraft carrier and accelerates like a jet leaving one. One of the most awesome cars I've ever driven and had the pleasure of owning. I may consider partial trades and can assist with all shipping arrangements. I urge all who are interested to please come and see the car in person and fall in love. My name is Michael Stanton and I am located right here in Clinton NY 13323. Thank you kindly...

1984 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz


        1984 Cadillac Eldorado in near mint condition throughout. My name is Michael Stanton and I am a large collector of all kinds of Cadillacs, especially the eldorados from 67 to 85. I have had a personal passion for these vehicles going back at least 30 years. I can remember graduating high school in 1984 and going down to the Cadillac dealer looking and dreaming about this exact model. Little did I know that years later I would end up owning almost every year from 67 to 85. I know alot about these cars and as I stated in the attached video. I have owned about eight of these early 80's eldorados in the past 15 years. I continue to gravitate back to them simply because of their beauty, elegance and incredible driving characteristics. This is the first biarritz I have owned however. I have always wanted one of course, but they are hard to come by in conditions like this and with low miles. This particular car is honestly in near perfect condition. It was owned by a lady in southern California for its entire existence up until 1 year ago when it came across the united states to my neck of the woods here in central New York State. The car needs nothing and I can state with utmost certainty the car can be driven to any destination without any problem. It runs and drives flawlessly and all options work correctly. Even the radio sounds stunning. Much better than some of my other eldorados for some reason. The dark red on dark red color combination is perhaps the best I have ever seen. All the brightwork and chrome is flawless. Please come see and drive the car. I can almost guarantee the first person who does and is serious about the car will buy it. Its one of those cars that defies explanation as to how it went 31 years with no visible signs of deterioration. Truly fabulous in all ways. I will consider all trades because I buy and sell cars for the simple pleasure of doing such and as well can deliver it to you if you are within a 5 hour drive of Clinton NY 13323. I have a diesel excursion with a featherlite trailer and it is a very easy vehicle to tow. Again my name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-725-1966. thank you

1977 Lincoln Mark V


        1977 Lincoln Mark V finished in Black diamond dark Charcoal with dove grey leather interior. Completely loaded with sentinel headlights, moonroof, leather interior, climate control, power seats, power brakes, power windows, power locks, 460 cubic inch V-8, power trunk release, tilt wheel, cruise control and turbine wheels. What an unreal specimen this truly is. The Charcoal black diamond paint is unblemished, glossy and perfect throughout with not one blemish, door ding or imperfection anywhere. Interior is likewise with soft supple leather and no imperfections anywhere on the interior. Trunk is spotless and the engine compartment is the cleanest of any Lincoln I've ever owned in my life. Undercarriage is excellent with no leaks noted anywhere. Air conditioning blows ice cold and even the cartier clock works perfectly and keeps excellent time. Antenna and radio performs as it should. Honestly this is the best looking, driving and most stunning Lincoln I have ever owned. It will be hard for me to let this one go as I am an avid Cadillac and Lincoln collector, however, with 17 cars in my personal collection at the moment. I cannot keep everything. Someone is going to be extremely please being the new owner of this fine time capsule in this very rare color combination with only 50,000 miles on it. I will consider all partial trades and can deliver it to you by flatbed trailer myself if you are not too far from central NY where I live. Clinton NY to be exact. Zip code 13323. My name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-853-1967.

           My name is Michael Stanton and I own Super Sport motors here in Clinton NY 13323. Today I am offering an incredible vehicle that I am quite proud to pass onto someone who will fall in love with a very unique vehicle that you don't see much of too often anymore. A low mileage and near perfect 1989 dodge Ramcharger. Incredible condition overall with near perfect paint, interior and undercarriage. If you want a vehicle that will command attention as well as be a good all around utility vehicle then I have the ride for you. Not only does it look stunning from every angle but it is spacious inside, gives a high commanding view of the road, has 4 wheel drive, a tow package, ice cold A/C, a kenwood sound system with AM/FM/CD and Bluetooth so you can talk hands free while driving and extremely comfortable besides. I recently went on a 300 miles day trip with it and it performed without problem and was a pleasure. I also got about 15 thumbs up on the ride as well. I'm confident I have the best Ramcharger out there as well as the most beautiful. I welcome all visits here to beautiful Clinton NY to inspect the vehicle in person and will consider all trades. My phone number is 315-725-1966. Thank you. Michael Stanton


1989 Dodge Ramcharger

1971 Lincoln Mark III


       1971 Lincoln Mark III. Extremely low mileage example that I have owned since August 2008. I purchased the car from the original owners that purchased the car new in 1971. It had exactly 24,000 original miles on it when I purchased it. I have since driven it a total of 3400 miles since that time and it now has 27,400 miles on it. The car is in unbelievable original condition throughout and runs and drives beautifully. Paint is near flawless and is less than a year old. I have all of the photos of the car before it was painted. The only reason I chose to paint the entire car was because there was a scratch in one of the doors and when we tried to repair it the paint would not match so I made the decision to just repaint the entire car and it came out just stunning. It was an expensive paint job in base coat clearcoat with all chrome removed. The gentleman who painted the car is very well known and actually has a car in the las Vegas Sema show this year. The car has never had any rust on it ever and the undercarriage is very clean. It has never been driven in the winter or salt and it shows. About 3 years ago I reached under the front drivers seat and pulled out the original build sheet that was tucked up in the springs and it came out easily and I took photos of it. I also wrote a letter to Ford back in May of 2009 just to confirm that everything on the car was correct and it is. I also took a photo of that letter for your viewing pleasure. Photos were taken in Clinton NY in Mid October 2012 as well as the youtube video I have attached to the ad. Interior is near flawless, doors shut like a brand new car, AC blows cold, tires are high quality Perelli's. Car is fantastic and is ready to go. I may consider partial trades. I'm located in Clinton NY 13323. The car can be viewed at anytime with an appointment. Please call Michael Stanton at 315-725-1966

1970 Cadillac Eldorado

First Video

Second Video

           1970 Cadillac Eldorado. Here is without a doubt the finest Eldorado I have ever offered for sale. Please take the time to view both videos. I go into great depth on the history I have with this fine car. Its worth listening too,, especially on this particular automobile. If you are interested in owning the very finest 70 Eldorado, here it is !! My affection with the 67 through 70 Eldorado's all started with this exact car way back in October of 1994 in Spokane Washington. I was transferred to Fairchild Air Force Base from Plattsburgh AFB in upstate New York in October 1994. As soon as I arrived I started looking for a car. I almost immediately found this car. I remember not even knowing what model it was. I was simply struck with its condition and beauty. I purchased it off the original owner within 30 minutes of looking at it. It had 61,100 original miles on it at that time. For the next 2 years I drove it almost everyday except for the times I was deployed out of country for temporary duty. In June 1996 with a heavy heart I sold it as I separated from the military and headed back east for a job. I never forget the car and spent the next 18 years wondering what happened to it. Well about 5 years ago I started looking for it with no luck. Then just as I was giving up I found it out of sheer luck and immediately purchased it back. Hard to believe but all the notes I made on the car way back in the day I kept. It had only accrued an additional 224 miles since that day in June 1996 when I sold it, therefore, it was identical to the day I sold it way back in the mid nineties. It still had my personal license plate frames on it and my black fuzzy dice hanging off the mirror. It is now part of a 5 car Eldorado collection I am selling. The car is flawless,, what else can I say. You will be purchasing the very finest Eldorado you can ever lay eyes on. I welcome all visits too see and drive the car. I live in Clinton NY 13323. I may be able to deliver it with my truck and trailer if its not too far from where I live and its possible I may consider partial trades on the car as well. My name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-725-1966. 

1975 Cadillac Coupe Deville


         1975 Cadillac Coupe Deville finished in Roxena Red which was a new color for 1975. One of the very best drivers I have ever had. These mid 70's coupe devilles drive so incredibly nice its hard to believe. Its like everything came together in the universe just ever so perfectly from like 72 to 76 in the coupe deville era. This particular one is certainly no exception. I have owned about 10 of these in the last 15 years and I held onto this one the longest for no other reason than the way it drives. I go into depth about the prior owner history on the youtube video I made. Whats nice about this car is that I know all prior owners back till the day it was purchased new by a one Stanley Shultz of New Hartford NY. He accrued 87,000 miles on the car until it passed on to the next owner also in New Hartford NY and then onto me in 2003. I have put around 10,000 miles on the car over the course of the last 12 years. I've done nothing but routine maintenance on it to keep it running perfectly. New tires and shocks also recently add to the perfection of the ride quality. Its time for it to move onto someone else who will love and appreciate it the way I have all these years. I will pass on all photos of the original owner as well to the next buyer. I may be able to deliver the car if your close to where I live in Clinton NY 13323 and possibly may consider partial trades as well. The car is truly in outstanding condition throughout. Please take the time to review all of my photos and video. I welcome all visits as well to come and view it in person and take it for a drive. My name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-725-1966. 

1987 Bentley Eight


       1987 Bentley Eight. Well I certainly hope if your looking at my website, photos and videos at this incredible Bentley eight you appreciate near perfection because that is exactly what I am presenting here today. As I talked about in both of my videos, I purchased this exquisite automobile less than a year ago in Illinois and proceeded to drive it all the way back to where in live in Clinton NY 13323 all in one day, 900 miles to be exact. I bought it for its unparalleled condition and appeal. Just wanted to own it and go for a nice drive. Driving a Bentley across the U.S. is a reality I highly encourage to anyone so inclined. Its a memorizing experience to say the least. Please come see this car, if your a serious buyer I can almost promise you for sure you will buy it upon inspection. Its flawless in almost all ways, clean carfax, original paint, no changes from new. 32,800 original miles. I've put a little over 1000 miles on the car to date. I will consider all partial trades. I own, buy and sell classic cars just for fun as a hobby. I love it, been doing it for 3 decades and will continue to do it until I can no longer drive and probably beyond that. I have sold many a car overseas and am very comfortable with the process. Please call me at 315-853-1967 with any questions. thank you. Michael Stanton

1990 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL


            1990 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL. This is truly one very incredible car and one of the last hand built Mercedes. I cannot seem to tear myself out of the cockpit of what I consider to be one of the most enjoyeable driving experiences I have ever had the pleasure of entertaining myself with. Stunning color combination with near perfect original paint throughout and interior as well. Hard to believe but I recently went on a 800 mile trip around the entire state of New York and averaged 21.7 while on the throughway at an average of 74 miles per hour and in my local city type driving have averaged 18.4. Incredible mileage for a car of this caliber. There is not even one door ding or scratch anywhere on the car. Brand new Michelins and perfect alignment make it run down the road like it was sold new yesterday. I have the original mercedes benz cassette tape unwrapped along with the original large color factory brochure as well as all the original manuals with all the service stamps from a Mercedes dealership in Pennsylvania. This car was certainly never driven in winter, salt and was garaged because there is no sun damage at all. Do your research on these fine automobiles and you'll discover that this particular model has some of the finest reviews you will ever see. It is not uncommon to see these cars with over 400,000 miles on them because they never break down. Everything works perfectly to include cold AC, cruise control, moonroof and even the clock works accurately.  Please call me with any questions at 315-725-1966. My name is Michael Stanton

1979 Toyota Celica Supra


        1979 Toyota Celica Supra. Now here is an automobile you just don't see on the roads anymore. Remember these things running all over the place like rockets. I do and they were awesome. They remain awesome and even more so. I doubt you'll ever see another one in this condition. Please view all my photos and video's. The car is truly in outstanding condition throughout. It runs and drives incredibly with ice cold air conditioning. Great brakes and alignment with almost brand new Michelins. Needs nothing and I have the utmost confidence the car can instantly be driven to any location in the country. I possibly might be able to deliver it with my flatbed trailer and Ford Excursion. I live in Clinton NY 13323 about 4 hours NW of New York city. All possible trades will be considered. Interior on the car is unreal, truly has no wear and tear anywhere. I take 150 photos for a reason. I can only talk so much about a car. Photos say way more then I can in a description here. I urge anyone interested in the car to please call me and not email me questions. It is much easier to talk with someone on the phone. Please come see and drive this beautiful Supra. First person to come and see it will buy it. I'm quite certain I have the very best one available anywhere. My name is Michael Stanton and I own 315-725-1966

1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC


      1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC. This is a superb example of one of the greatest cars ever built in the history of not only Mercedes Benz but of all automobiles ever created. If you do not know much about these incredible cars, please do yourself a favor and look up information on them online. You will discover that they are applauded as one of the greatest cars of all time, especially the 1990 and 1991 models. I purchased this vehicle a year ago from the original female owner in Southern California. She paid $83,000 for the car 25 years ago. I have all of the receipts back till day one that you can see in the photos as well as the video I made. So I flew out to the west coast, paid for the car, loaded up my bags and proceeded to go on the most enjoyable drive I have ever taken in my life. I spent 4 days casually driving across the U.S. at a high rate of speed, loving every minute of it. At every gas fill up I checked the mileage. It had a low of 17.9 and a high of 18.6 MPG. Not bad for such a powerful beast. I had a destination of Memphis, Tennessee to spend the day at Graceland, Elvis Presleys house and that is exactly what I did. The car performed flawlessly throughout the entire trip. I purchased it with approximately 64,000 miles on it and currently it has a little over 69,000 miles. I certainly hope you review the photos and the video closely. If you do you will observe that the condition of this SEC in unsurpassed and honestly almost unbelievable. I've owned a few of these cars, I even own Patrick Swayze's 560 SEC from the movie "Roadhouse" in 1989. So I know quite a bit about these cars. This particular one is the finest example I have ever seen or owned. A time capsule in the truest definition of the phrase. I urge anyone interested to please come visit the car. I am located in Central New York State. Clinton NY 13323 to be exact. I will consider all partial or full trades. I can deliver it to you with my flatbed featherlite trailer if you are within a 5 hour drive of me and I can assist with all other shipping arrangements to get the car safely to your doorstep. There is absolutely not one thing wrong with this car. Everything works. The rims are brand new, brakes are good, A/C blows ice cold, radio is beautiful, paint is near perfect, leather is PERFECT and soft. Everywhere I take this car it lures people over to it. Most likely the alluring color combination and as you stick your head inside you smell leather. If you want one of the greatest cars ever built as well as probably the finest example of such car. This is the one !!!!! My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966

1989 Chrysler T/C Maserati 


        1989 Chrysler T/C Maserati convertible. Now when is the last time you saw one of these works of art, and that is exactly what this car is. Its a work of art. Not many were made. About 7300 I believe. I guarantee this will be one of the finest ones you will ever see. With only 9,485 careful miles on the clock it ought to be. It was a Florida car its entire life until last year it was sold to a friend of mine and I bought it from him in Pennsylvania. It has all of the original paperwork as you can see in the photos. Its near perfect and runs and drives as a new car. I just put brand new tires on it and its ready to go. At 25 years old this car is poised to be a rapidly appreciating car. Whats very enjoyeable about this car is that you have 3 different lifestyles with it. Drive it with the top down, or drive it with the softtop up, or drive it with the hardtop on it and it feels like a normal hardtop automobile. I love this car the way it drives and handles. The interior leatherwork is top notch and the seats are beyond comfortable. The lines on the car are stunning and the color is without a doubt the only color to have in this model. This is most likely the best Maserati in the country and with the lowest mileage. I'll be happy to consider all trades and offers. My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966. Thank you

1969 Buick Riviera GS

          1969 Buick Riviera GS. One of the finest cars I've ever owned. I bought this car from a gentleman in Kentucky who told me the car spent the better time of its life there. It has only accumulated 31,000 original miles in its lifetime and it shows like you wouldn't believe. The condition of this car surpasses just about every other car I've ever owned in my life. The paint code for this GS shows it to be code number 75 off the data plate in the engine compartment ... Embassy Gold Poly. The trim codes are as follows: TR 694 and 06A. Everything on the car works just fine. A/C was retrofitted to R-134a over the summer and it works great,,, power windows, AM Buick radio, power steering, power brakes, power antenna... it all works and the car drives like it is new. No odd noises or weird feelings at all. Just a fabulous, low mileage RARE original Riviera GS with a color combination that is so stunning you won't believe it. I photographed the car in direct sunlight as well as shade so you can get a real good idea of how it shows. The condition of the body and paint is that of a new car... just incredible. No damage anywhere. Perhaps just the ever so smallest imperfections here and there buy certainly nothing I can think of or find anywhere. The undercarriage is just as good,,, no rust anywhere,, clean as it can possibly be !! Also as you can see in the pictures,,, the interior is absolutely perfect !! Personal inspections are always welcome and recommended. Engine compartment is about as clean as imagineable. For some reason my engine photos came out to be less impressive than the car really is... bad garage lighting I think. I will entertain partial trades if you have something that interests me. I live in central NY state zip code 13323. The last 4 cars I sold have been to austalia, canada, norway and austalia again. I'm very familiar with selling overseas and will be happy to do such. All photos were taken in mid October in a park In Clinton N.Y. and the car was stored properly for the winter the next day. Please call me at 315-749-4972 with any questions. Thank you kindly. Michael Stanton

1975 Buick Electra


        1975 Buick Electra limited. I have for sale today an incredible Electra limited in Dark red metallic that is just stunning in every way. Low mileage original condition with only 49,555 miles clocked from new. This car runs and drives just perfectly. I recently did a complete tune up even though it did not really need it. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor, timed, master cylinder, 4 new headlights, fan clutch and a complete new exhaust system without the converter on it makes the car run absolutely new. I also had the air conditioning retrofitted to r-134a and it blows ice cold. Before I converted the A/C it still had the original freon in it and was working fine which is hard to believe on a car that is 39 years old. It comes with all of the original manuals and floormats. Paint and interior is fantastic with no flaws to report. Photos and video confirm this. I will be happy to consider all trades and can deliver the car to you if your not too far from Clinton NY 13323, right here in central New York State. My name is Michael Stanton and my number is 315-725-1966. Below you will find an excerpt from the Wikipedia website that talks about the 75 Electra for your reading pleasure: 1975 brought about changes in all of General Motors C-body cars. In 1975, all Electra 225 coupes had fixed rear side windows and center posts. 1975 also brought along a newer front end and interior design. Rectangular headlights became standard on all GM C-body cars, along with many others. This supposedly would allow engineers to lower the front end to reduce wind resistance, but this wasn't very apparent with the new design. The Electra received a new metal "eggcrate" style grille, which covered most of the front end, and wrapping under the headlights. The grille included running lights on either side. There was a choice of a base model Electra 225 whose trim and appointments were upgraded to the same level as the previous year's Electra 225 Custom and an upscale Limited. The 1975 Electra was also the longest Buick ever built at 233.4 inches (5,928 mm), which is over 19 feet. These cars dwarfed the newer front-wheel drive Electras and Park Avenues in sheer size and weight. Power windows and a power driver's seat became standard on all Electra models in 1975. Also new to the standard equipment list were radial-ply tires. The 1975 Electra was one of the first GM vehicles to offer an Air Cushion Restraint System or "airbag". Inside, a new flat instrument panel (shared with LeSabre, Estate Wagon and Riviera) with horizontal sweep speedometer (silver facing with black lettering) replaced the wrap-around cockpit dash of previous years and door panel trim was revised. The speedometer was scaled back from 120 to 100 mph (160 km/h) and kilometer readings were added. Technical changes for 1975 included the addition of a catalytic converter and electronic ignition to not only meet the stringent 1975 and later emission requirements, but also extended routine maintenance intervals, and improved fuel economy and driveability which was a must in the era immediately following the 1973�74 energy crisis, but also spelled the end of dual exhaust systems and mandated the use of unleaded gasoline as the converter could be rendered useless if contaminated with lead. Axle ratios were also numerically lowered to aid in improving gas mileage. The 455 four-barrel V8, now rated at 205 horsepower (153 kW), was retained as the standard and only available engine.

1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT

          1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT. For those of you hunting for an incredible, rare, one only year, beautiful and stunning original automobile. I have the answer to your prayers. Only problem is I have only one of these cars. I only sell cars like this once in a great while, and this is that time !! I know a lot about these cars as I have been hunting and owning them for quite a while. The GT's are one of the best driving cars you can own and they are difficult to come by in this condition. This car is as original as they come finished in its original burnished Gold metallic paint with gold interior. Car has never been modified whatsoever and truly is in fantastic condition throughout as reflected in the photos I just took on Sept 15, 2011 in a park in Clinton NY. Please call me at 315-725-1966 and I'll be happy to give you a complete walk through of the car. Usually what I do is give someone a complete walk through on the phone about every last aspect of the car so someone is comfortable with the condition of the car. Only real flaw I found on the car is a small crack in the rear chrome bumper on the drivers side of the car on the outmost rear point, its not that bad and cant be noticed unless you get down on your knees and look at it. The paint is in original fantastic condition but of course is single stage paint and is therefore not as shiny as a new car with basecoat / clearcoat. Tires are brand new firestone FR 380's. It runs and drives just beautiful and for sure stops traffic everywhere I take it because of its color and the fact thats is beautiful and no one knows what it is and everyone wants to talk about it. Feels like your driving a movie star. I'll consider all trades and can deliver it to you if your not too far from central NY State zip code 13323. My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966

1973 Cadillac Fleetwood

         1973 Cadillac Fleetwood. This is a 2 owner car from new. If you look at the dashboard plaque you can see the original owner was Robert and Dorothy Gastel. I took a picture of one of their insurance cards dated 1986. The car was next owned by Eldo and Betty Ann Bisacca of Pennsylvania until I bought it next. It is an original 56,000 mile car and is very much in beautiful condition throughout finished in its original renaissance gold poly paint with medici crushed velour in beige. One of the finest driving cars I've ever had. Really really a pleasure just to drive around and relax. Quiet cockpit with seats more comfortable than you'll ever fine in a new car with their crazy tight fitting bolsters. AC blows nice and cold and brand new tires throughout with an alignment just to make sure everything is perfect. Paint is in excellent original condition with a few small flaws on the trunk, interior is perfect. No flaws whatsoever and looks brand new ,, incredible. Rear bumper has a few small flaws on it, front bumper is perfect with a very small trimpiece about 2 inched long missing,, cannot see these very small flaws in the photos. I loaded about 115 photos of every part of the car. If your viewing on ebay make sure you use the inner scroll bar to see all the photos ,, it might take a little to load them all ,, but worth it I assure you. I'll be happy to deliver the car to you. Please call me at 315-725-1966 to discuss this fine fleetwood and find out how we can put it your garage.

1973 Buick Riviera GS

        1973 Buick Riviera GS. One of the finest if not THE finest car I've ever had in my collection and I have a big collection. In March 2013 this fine GS was treated to a brand new paint job in its original color of Burnt Coral and it came out just superb. It was wet sanded and buffed for almost 2 weeks and as you can tell in the photos came out incredible. Photos are very accurate. Paint is near perfect and if anything shows even more incredible in person. Interior is new and excellent throughout. There is a wear mark on the drivers floor near where the heel rests and that is the only thing wrong with this car. Mileage is real and completely documented with every receipt on this car back to the original invoice in October 1972. The paperwork and first place trophy's on this car will surely set you back in your seat. Not often do you come across a Riviera in this condition and certainly not a real GS that can be proven in every way. One of the last photos even shows a date on the frame of Sept 22, 1972 in perfect condition. Undercarriage is also in excellent condition with the only visible surface rust at all to be on the exhaust pipes and its minimal at best. Runs and drives flawlessly with cold AC. First person who goes to the effort to come look at this car at my house will no doubt purchase it. The color and striking features of this car actually does stop traffic everywhere I take her!! I might consider possible trades. Please call Michael Stanton at 315-725-1966 to discuss anything you'd like or to schedule a showing. Thank you kindly....

1979 Buick Riviera

       1979 Buick Riviera. Probably the most perfect and original automobile I have ever owned. Absolutely perfect condition throughout the entire automobile. You never see cars of this year and vintage in condition like this. I am quite convinced I may have the most incredible, original and perfect 79 Riviera in Existence. All 150 photos are extremely accurate and were taken in Mid October 2012 in Clinton NY 13323 where the car is currently located in my garage stored properly for the winter. This car was ordered new in 1979 by a Mrs. Evelyn Sims in Warrensburg, MO from Lotspeich Motors in Warrensburg. Robert Lotspeich sold her the car. Mrs. Sims stopped driving 11 years later in 1990 and the car sat and remained in her garage. The car was inherited by Derrich Fisher in Tullahoma, TN in 2001 when Mrs. Sims passed on. In 2006 the car was sold to Thomas Chimienti of Pennsylvania and then I became the owner recently. There are no stories with this car other than the fact that it has been meticulously cared for, has never been parked outside, has never seen inclement weather of any kind and stands as one of the finest if not the best 79 Riviera on the planet. I welcome the most discriminating buyers to please come and view the car for yourselves. Options include: AC, Climate control, floor mats, illuminated entry, rear bumper guards, power trunk pull down, automatic level control, stereo radio, tilt steering wheel, digital clock, delay wipers, landau vinyl top, power windows, power brakes, power windows, opera lamps, cruise control, power trunk release, illuminated mirrors, wire wheel covers. You will not find any flaws on the car. It appears, looks, drives, smells and is as a new automobile. If these cars move you. I have the one that will move you like no others. My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966. Located in Clinton NY 13323

1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville


       1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville. I have in my possession an incredible very low mileage completely original coupe deville finished in cameo ivory with an ivory top and yellow leather interior. Truly one of the best Cadillacs I've come across in a long time. You'll be hard pressed to find any type of wear or tear anywhere on this car. I cannot find anything wrong with the paint or interior. Its hard to believe a car of 30 years can have no discernible wear on it, but this appears to be that car. Runs and drives like the summer of 1984 ,, unreal. Also a 1 owner car from new!! A/C blows very cold, radio sounds great, alignment is straight, tires are new, brakes are smooth, no rattles anywhere, has the original spare, has quite a few receipts with the original window sticker showing it sold for over $20,000 new, has all the manuals with original key punches, comes with its original keys, trunk pop works in glovebox just fine and undercarriage is very clean with only slight surface rust on the differential. I am located in Clinton NY 13323 and I welcome visitors and inspections. I have a ford excursion with a featherlite trailer and I'll be happy to deliver the car if your within about 300 miles and I will also consider all trades. I buy and sell cars for fun only and enjoy taking trades from time to time. My number is 315-725-1966 and my name is Michael Stanton. Thank you

1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville

       1976 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. Finished in the extremely rare color code 37 Mahogany Metallic, this color will seduce your mind with its beauty. I can't take it anywhere without someone commenting on its spectacular condition and very unusual stunning color. The paint looks different all the time depending on the lighting and with the white leather interior the car is probably the most beautiful color combination I have ever seen on a cadillac. I took this vehicle in on trade for a 76 Lincoln Mark IV pucci edition about 6 months ago and it came from Monterey, California. It currently has a free and clear California title. I've got all sorts of original documentation and with only 48,900 original miles on the car it is just as you would expect for a vehicle of this low mileage. Mostly original paint throughout if not all original. It has very small hairline cracks on top of hood and top of truck in some spots indicative of an original paint car. Everything works on the car to include ice cold AC and it has a beautiful infra red CD radio installed in the glove box that you cannot see. All it needs to operate is the remote control in your hand, its the best part of the car. Car is remarkably rust free throughout, clean as a whistle underneath and certainly no rust anywhere on the body. Runs and drives just beautifully. Tires have only 1500 miles on them. With confidence I can tell you this car is ready to be driven just about anywhere you choose. It has no issues other than clock not working which is normal for a 36 year old car. I'll consider all trades. My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966

1979 Lincoln Mark V

      1979 Lincoln Mark V.  I recently took this incredible 19,000 miles black on black mark V in on trade for a Cadillac I had.  If you've been looking for a triple black mark V I'm sure you have discovered by now that they are few and far between.  This car actually never made it to market.  I had people 5 deep fighting over this car.  That rarely happens with me.  In the end it sold to the high bidder from the west coast.  What a car !!!!

1996 Impala SS

        1996 Chevrolet Impala SS. I can pretty much guarantee you I have probably the finest low mileage 96 Impala SS on the Planet. You'll be hard pressed to find one with lower miles at 6985, I'm sure you can if you look hard enough,, but to find one showroom new perfect like this will be a real challenge. This car is an absolute museum piece frozen in time. It truly is a perfect car without flaw, it has never sat outside and certainly has never seen salt or inclement weather its entire life . I bought it in Southern Florida a few months ago and had the distinct honor and pleasure of putting 1500 miles on it driving it cross country to central New York State where I reside. Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and memorable trips I've ever taken. For those of you shopping for an Impala SS I'm sure you know that the 96 is the only year to have. Its Black, it has low mileage, I know every owner since new with copies of the titles to prove it. I have the original dealer brochure, everything works, it has no flaws and runs and drives perfect. Just like if you could go back in time,, walk into a showroom and this car was sitting in the window. You open the door and inhale that new car smell and then drive your new SS home. Thats what you'll be doing here when you buy this car from me. One of the most comfortable cars ever produced and it peeked in 96 to only be discontinued the following year. Recognize an up and coming highly collectible masterpiece if you can. Here it sits. Please come see, drive and enjoy. If you do you'll take it home with you. I can deliver the car to you with my featherlite trailer and I'll consider all trades. My name is Michael Stanton. thank You 315-725-1966

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

       1970 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J. This is a great car. I drove it quite a bit this last summer. Everything works on the car great. Even the AC blows ice cold, good heat as well. The best thing about this beautiful car is that the entire engine was professionally rebuilt this last summer. It costs over $4,000 and runs great. It has about 500 miles on it since the rebuild. I just did a lube, oil and filter for the first time since the rebuild as your suppose to around the 500 mile point. The next day I filled the gas tank and put in gas stabilizer and stored the car in my garage for the winter. According to the former owner the miles on this car are original at 69,400 and the title is even stamped original miles. Car is in great condition over all and drives very very nice. No weird noises at all. Brakes good, tires are brand new with only about 200 miles on them. Alignment was performed when I installed the tires. Paint is a beautiful dark blue and is an older paint job. There are flaws here and there throughout the paint. It does have a few scratch marks and you can see touch up here and there, but in very good condition overall. Same for the interior. Very good original condition. I did install brand new carpeting over the summer because it needed it. Looks great. Overall the photos are a very accurate depiction of the condition of this Grand Prix. Comes with a lot of the original manuals as well. I photographed them in the trunk. All of the photos were taken approximately Oct 20, 2009. Also the undercarriage is very very clean as you can see in some of my last photos taken. I will entertain all partial trades and will be happy to drive this car to you as long as your not too far away from where I live in Clinton NY 13323. Thank you and good luck. Michael Stanton 315-725-1966

1971 Monte Carlo

       1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I just took this car in on trade for my 1975 Red Toronado listed on my website. The gentleman who traded this car in drove it all the way from north Texas to Columbus, ohio where I met him with my 75 Toronado on the back of my trailer. We swapped cars and he drove the 75 Toronado back to Texas and I pulled this 71 Monte carlo back to my home here in Clinton NY. Beautiful car with no flaws at all. An absolute pleasure to drive. I just put the brand new firehawk tires and crager SS rims on it on Sept 11, 2011. They really set the car off nicely and drive as smooth as silk. You have to look real close to see the incredible SS stripes over the hood and trunk. Incredible paint job on this car with no flaws whatsoever. I love the fact that this car is 2 tone black and is only noticeable by looking closely at the stripes to see that in fact the car has 2 different shades of black on it ,, one for the paint code and one for the SS stripes. Check out the incredible manifold vaccuum guage on the console !!! I have an enormous amount of receipts and know the history of the car going way back. It has spent its entire life in Texas up until August 2011 when I became its latest owner. Has its original manual, protecto plate and even its build sheet. I don't think its possible to find a more beautiful Monte Carlo. I might be interested in partial trades and can deliver the car to you if your not to far from zip code 13323 here in central New York State. Thank you. Michael Stanton 315-725-1966

1994 Jaguar XJS  Coupe 6.0 liter

       1994 Jaguar XJS. This is an incredible car and a car that I have owned with pride for close to 5 years now. I bought the car from the second owner and he was a Jaguar collector who took meticulous car of this car. I also have taken meticulous car of this car. It has never seen more than 1 hour of sunlight since it has been in my possession and the former owner has informed me of same. I have all the manuals and every single receipt on this car from day one. It is incredible in every way,, has a clean no accident carfax report and of course still has all its original paint. A year ago I paid over $2000 and put on those brand new triple chrome plated original 5 spokes rims that truly set the car apart from the rest. I have 17 cars in my personal collection and for no reason other than space I have decided to sell 4 of my personal best. This is one of those cars. As a matter of fact if you look at the link on my website under personal cars, you will see that I list and showcase this car as one of the ones in my personal collection that will never be sold. The reason for that is because I've owned enough Jaguars to know when you should not let one go. This is a good opportunity for someone who knows the caliber of cars that I have collected through the years. Also, this is one of the rarest Jags out there. Only 242 were produced for 1994 and anyone who knows these cars knows that 1994 is the year to have. Not only is it a 6.0 liter 12 cylinder coupe,, but it is one of only a handful made and one of the very last 12 cylinder coupes imported into the United States. This was the last year the XJS Grand Touring Coupe was produced by Jaguar, 95 and 96 model years were produced by Ford. For sure this car will always be considered one of the last true jaguars ever produced and I can assure you I have one of the best ones anywhere on the planet. I live in Clinton NY zip code 13323 and will be more than happy to deliver the car to you in person. I have a Ford Excursion diesel with a featherlite trailer. I will also entertain possible trades.  I love automobiles and this is a hobby for me. Best of luck to all. I very much want this car to go to a home that appreciate a fine car of this caliber, quality, condition and heritage. 

1985 Cadillac Eldorado

       I purchased this car on December 6, 2002 with 47,698 miles on it. I have owned it now for almost 6 years and have loved every minute of owning and driving this incredible Eldorado. I am the second owner of this car and have personally talked with the original owner of this car at length and know absolutely everything about this car. For the 6 years I have owned this car it has never spent 1 day outside and has never been rained on even one time. It is in incredible original condition and will please even the most discriminating buyer. I made all sorts of notes the last time I talked with Mr. Darwin Lauser on Sept 18, 2006, the original owner. He bought the car new on November 2, 1985 for $27,000 and kept it until I purchased it in December 2002. The paint is original and is called Desert Frost according to him. The miles are original and the car was never in an accident. He never drove the car in salt and said that it was his most favorite car that he owned in his lifetime. He was 58 years old when he bought it and was 79 years old when I talked with him 2 years ago. He told me no one was ever in the car but him all those years. It does not often occur that you come upon a car where you can account for every day of the cars life and then to realize the car is unmolested and untouched for all of those years. This is that car !!!! Carfax report shows no accidents ever and couldn't be a cleaner report. It has all of its original manuals as well as all 4 original gold keys that have never been used. Everything works on the car properly to include the Air conditioning. The car has no issues that need attending too. Alignment is straight and perfect as well as brakes and all other mechanicals. For every winter I owned it it was stored properly with a full tank of gas with sta-bil in it as well as dessicants inside and a battery tender hooked up to it inside a concrete floor garage. Only 1 small thing might need attention and that is a few small spots in the headliner have started to come loose, a very easy fix for sure. This has been happening slowly over the course of the last 6 years and certainly has not occurred quickly. I promise you will not find a cleaner Eldorado inside and outside as well as underneath. Of all the cars I've owned in my lifetime I've never been more broken up over selling one than I am this time. The only reason I am selling is because I promised myself over the summer if I bought my dream cadillac... and I did !! I would sell this Eldorado as a consequence. That was 6 months ago I bought my 67 Eldorado and its taken me this long to jester myself up enough to finally let this car go. I'll be happy help with shipping arrangements anywhere in the world. Please call me with any questions at 315-725-1966 or if you might be interested in a partial trade towards this Eldorado. Thank you and good luck. Michael Stanton

1962 Chevrolet Impala

         1962 Chevrolet Impala sport Coupe. Beautiful car still sporting its original colors of Autumn Gold exterior paint and fawn interior. Code 920 for the paint and code 866 for the interior. Just passed New York state inspection 2 weeks ago, so everything on the car works just fine. Everything on this car is bone stock except for the stereo installed under the dash that sounds great and can be easily removed in the event of an absolute stock appearance if desired. Original radio works fine. Car has its original DK stamped block proving this is the original 283 engine the car was originally delivered new with. Also has Air conditioning which was normal for an Arizona car even back then. The body and interior are in great condition. Only a very very few minor blemishes here and there and the interior is perfect. Undercarriage is flawless with no signs of rust anywhere.. extremely clean and rust free underneath. As you can see in the photos I photoed the car with 2 sets of wheels. Both sets of wheels go with the car. The crager's you see are brand new as well as the white letter tires. The original tires, rims and hubcaps are in excellent original condition. I think the car is incredible with the crager's on it. They really set the car off nicely. If you look at the engine photos you'll notice the engine has a dress up kit on it. New chrome valve covers, air cleaner, 4 bbl carb and manifold. The original parts go with the car of course and you can see what they look like in my photos. This really is a spectacular car and is sure to please all you Impala lovers out there. Of all the Impala's I have owned this is my favorite not only for how it looks but for how nicely it drives and feels going down the road. I'll be happy to consider all partial trades and I can deliver it to you if your not too far away from me. Please call me at 315-725-1966 or 315-749-4972 with any questions. I very much welcome all inpections and will be more than happy to help with any deliver situations you might have and also am very good at delivering cars oversees. Thank you and good luck. Michael Stanton

1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

       1964 Impala Super Sport. This is a true numbers matching 327 c.i. 64 Impala SS, 4-speed, goldwood yellow, black interior concours automobile. This car is absolutely perfect as reflected in the photographs. This car has actually not been rained on since the second owners took possession of this car in the spring of 1988. This SS was the recipient of a complete frame off restoration and complete engine rebuild with all of the restoration photos to prove it. Documentation includes the original Georgia title, original dealer's invoice, original Georgia state sales tax form (car was purchased in Alabama), money order stubs in the amount of the sales tax, 2 hand written sales receipts from Tatum Chevrolet in Opeleika, Alabama (one for the down payment and one for the balance), as well as the manuals and warranty booklet in the original owner's name. Also included is the dealer installed G.M. trailer hitch that has been removed and restored and which is listed in the original invoice as well as the original license plate frame from Tatum Chevrolet. Every single day of this cars life can be accounted for. The car was also in extremely good shape before the restoration. The photos of the car came out excellent, however, in person the car shows extremely well. ITS PERFECT !!! The car comes with 41 trophies of which just about every one of them is a first place win as well as a recent first place win in a concours GM competion with 592 entries. Needless to say there is not much to say. The current NADA price guide set this car at exactly $67,790. My price is only $32,500. My price is unsurrpassed, the car cannot be duplicated for this price, the car cannot be found anywhere in this condition for this price. Buy this work of art and watch it continue to escalate every year in value. It looks, drives, smells, handles, performs better than the day it sold new. I will accept partial trades and can assist in delivery to anywhere in the world. I can even deliver it personally to you with my own trailer if your live fairly close to Clinton N.Y. 13323. Best of luck. Michael Stanton 315-725-1966

1973 Lincoln Mark IV

       1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. This is an extremely low mileage example of one of the greatest cars to ever come out of Detroit. I made a fairly long voice recording of the car that is pretty descriptive so I won't go on too long here. Its easier to listen, right. I've owned this car a few years now and am letting part of my collection go and this is going to be one of them. This is an original mileage car with only 23,000 miles on it,,, every mile of this car can be proven emphatically. All of the previous owners are organized into nice packages with all of there corresponding receipts in each. Incredible paperwork with this car. Nothing was ever left out. Car stops traffic everywhere I take it,, even the young people love it. I'll be happy to consider all trades and can deliver it too you if your not too far from Central New York state. Zip code where I live is 13323. My phone number is 315-725-1966. Please call me if your interested and I'll tell you everything about this rare and beautiful triple black Mark IV. Thank you Michael Stanton

1979 Lincoln Mark V Collectors Edition

       1979 Lincoln Mark V collectors edition with only 10,780 original miles in absolutely new and perfect condition. I bought this vehicle in Florida about 4 years ago with only 8625 miles on it and I have since put another 2155 miles on it during that time. I couldn't be happier with an automobile. It has been an unbelievable experience for me to have owned and loved this car for the past 4 years and now I've decided it is time for it to go to someone else who can enjoy it as much as I have. The car is in phenomenal condition throughout as you can see in the multitude of photos I'm displaying here. The low mileage is easily explained. An older couple bought it new and hardly drove it at all, then it sat in a museum for 10 years prior to me purchasing the car. It has no stories, no repairs and certainly no paint work. The condition is superb with the only change from new being a new battery 2 years ago and new diamond back high quality tires that I put on 3 years ago. The tires themselves cost almost $1000 and are beautiful, just beautiful. I found the build sheet myself under the back seat in pristine condition and it has all the original manuals and collectors series tool kit in the trunk along with the original CB radio that came with the car. Everything on the car works, even the power lumber in the drivers seat and the AC blows colder than any car I have ever owned .. no kidding !! Even the drivers side exterior illuminated thermostat keeps accurate temperature. I've even talked with people on the CB radio,, it very cool. I might consider a partial trade towards this vehicle, depends on what you have. Don't email me and tell me I'm asking to much or send me stupid emails, I will simply not respond. If your truly interested in buying this car you'll pick up the phone and call me. My number is 315-725-1966. My name is Michael Stanton, located in Clinton NY 13323.

1976 Lincoln Mark IV Pucci Edition

       1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV "Emilio Pucci" Edition. The Pucci Edition is in red and silver. The external finish is dark red "Moondust Finish" paint with a silver "Normande Grain" landau vinyl roof, silver and lipstick red pinstriping and red or silver bodyside moldings. The interior is in dark red "Majestic" cloth. Guess what,, I've now owned about 300 cars in my lifetime so the following is a very powerful statement from me: Of all the cars I've owned in my lifetime this particular 76 Lincoln Mark IV stands at number one for condition and perfection. IT IS "the finest" and "most perfect" automobile I have ever owned. It will be impossible for someone to not fall in love with this car. I know I did !! Everything works properly, I even removed the rear seat and the original build seat just fell into my hands in perfect new condition. This car is beyond museum quality. Sometimes I do not understand how a car can go through time and appear to be as it was the day it rolled off the assembly line,, but it does happen sometimes and this is one of those cars. If you are interested in a Lincoln of this quality please call me and come see this car. I will consider all trades. My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966 please see this on 76 Pucci's

1969 Oldsmobile Toronado

       1969 Oldsmobile Toronado. You can probably guess by the photographs that this cars big draw is its color. Without a doubt everywhere I've taken this car the first words out of anyones mouth is " beautiful color" The name of this rare hue is Meadow Green Metallic. It has the correct color code on the data plate of 59. It was repainted in the mid nineties its original color in its correct single stage paint. Overall the paint is in fantastic, excellent condition with no scratches, dings, imperfections and certainly no rust anywhere. The photos are very accurate. Thats why I take so many at many different angles. Please use the inner scroll bar on ebay to see all the photos. All sides of the car were taken as well as all other parts of the car. Overall this car in in superb original condition, only change through the years has been the addition of an underdash modern am/fm/ cd player that sounds very very nice. The original 1969 radio is in perfect condition in the trunk if you so choose to put it back. Engine was rebuilt approx. 10 years ago and runs and drives excellent,, tires are new with less than 2000 miles on them and less than 1 year old. The gentleman I bought the car from owned it since 1986 and he bought the car from the original owner when it was 15 years old. The car has never in its life been driven in snow and the car is extremely rust free underneath. Also recently the car has had new shocks installed as well as new axles. Excellent driving and enjoyable car. I'll be happy to deliver the car to you if you live within 400 miles of zip code 13323 if I can. I will consider partial trades you might have, but it has to be something that strikes my fancy !! My name is Michael Stanton and I own Super Sport Motors. I buy and sell classics just for the satisfaction of doing it. Call me anytime, my number is 315-725-1966

1978 Oldsmobile Toronado XS


        1978 Oldsmobile Toronado XS. Extraordinary and stunning car in a very eye catching color combo you don't see everyday. Of all the cars I've ever owned this particular one has such an impressive traceable history that it will be hard to match. I spent a few hours the other day going through every receipt on this car and made notes of the dates and mileage, whats nice is that every mile on this car is accounted for and therefore the mileage can be guaranteed to be accurate. What a lot of people have forgotten these days is how incredibly easy it was and is for any car prior to approximately 1985 to have the mileage turned back. According to a study done about 10 years ago it was confirmed that about 66 percent of all older cars have had the mileage turned back at one point in their lifetime. What this means is that there are a lot of folks out there who think they own low mileage classics and in fact they do NOT !! Therefore, due diligence is required if you need to prove mileage on these old cars and the only way to do it is with paperwork like this has. That being said, the photos should be enough here to prove the condition of this car is immaculate with everything working correctly to include working A/C that still holds its original r-12 and has never been retrofitted to r-134a. The car needs nothing, you could easily fly in and drive this car to any destination you desire ,, with the utmost pleasure I might add. If you know these toronado XS's then you realize very few of these were made because the XS option was a $2700 option in 1978 which was an extravegent sum of money then and therefore not many were produced. Sticker price on this car in 78 was $13,568 which was also a crazy price back then. It shows when you drive the car. I'd rather drive this car over a new automobile any day of the week. I hope this fine XS goes to home which appreciates a milestone in American technology and pure beauty. One of the finest cars I've ever had the pleasure to own and look at. My name is Michael Stanton 315-725-1966 *** Below is some information I found on the XS models : The later years of this generation of Toronado saw new features mostly confined to minor styling tweaks to the grille and trim, although in 1977, the XS and XSR models debuted. Both featured a three-sided, hot wire "bent-glass" rear window (image) and, on the XSR, electric t-tops which slid inwards at the touch of a button. However, as built in prototype form, the XSR had no means of channeling water away from the retractable sections, meaning that the car leaked mercilessly in the rain. No one, it seems, could come up with a workable solution to the problem within the design, so only the single prototype was built ... and that portion of the project quietly died. The XS, which did enter production, was offered with GM's more reliable (and no doubt more leak-resistant) Astroroof sliding sunroof instead. Air conditioning was standard.[15] The running factory "XSR" prototype was documented as "restored" by Collectible Automobile Magazine in the late 1990s.[16] Also for 1977, the 455 cu in (7.5 L) V8 was replaced by a smaller 403 cu in (6.6 L) engine, due mainly to forthcoming government Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards (implemented beginning with the 1978 model year). In addition, the '77 Delta 88 and Ninety-Eight models, formerly the biggest cars in the Oldsmobile stable, were downsized. For two more model years, the Toronado would be the largest Oldsmobile, and, after the mid-sized Cutlass line's downsizing for '78, the Toronado looked hopelessly out of place in the Olds lineup, given the industry-wide shift to smaller cars. This generation was probably helped in the sales race by the radical and controversial "boat-tail" (image) design of the contemporary Buick Riviera, since during this period the Toronado outsold its Buick cousin for the first ti

1966 Mercury Park Lane

       1966 Mercury Park Lane. This really is an awesome car I've got here. Finished in its original code 8 Jamaican yellow this car cuts a beautiful form wherever I take it. Best thing about this car is because its so rare I've yet to meet one person who's ever seen one, remembers the model or knows what it is. I bought it quite a while ago just because of its sheer beauty and incredible original condition. I put these striking diamond back redline tires and American Racing T71R's on the car about 2 weeks ago. They cost me close to $2000. The tires alone were over $1000. I don't think I've ever done a better job getting the tire size just right. Its not easy to get a car to sit just right and then make it sit right on brand new expensive rims and tires. I finally got it ever so perfect and right. They drive perfect as well. Had it aligned just to make sure the tires will wear correctly. The original rims go with the car. The paint on the car is original Jamaican yellow and is truly in fantastic condition as you can see in the photos. Only a few small blemishes here and there around the car that have been touched up throughout the years, but overall in really really nice original condition. Chrome appears new with no blemishes and is nearly perfect, if not perfect !! Undercarriage is fantastic with only slight minor minor surface rust here and there. Quite obvious the car has never been driven in any salt whatsoever. The interior is just about perfect with the only problem being a very small hole in the headliner hidden by the visor about 2 mm in diameter. Gauges are crazy perfect, clean and beautiful. Of course the clock is not working at the moment. Radio plays great. This car is really a pleasure to drive. It has no weird squeaks, rattles or anything that would make you feel that the car is anything other than absolutely stock and original. Even has its original keys that are not worn down at all as well as the original manual and shop manual. I'll be happy to deliver the car to you. I have an Excursion diesel with an aluminum flatbed featherlight trailer and am also willing to discuss any partial trades you might have. I live in central new york state, zip code 13323. Please call me with any questions at 315-725-1966. If you email me a question through ebay and you are rude in any way I will not respond. The car can be viewed very easily with an appointment. Its just sitting in my garage at the moment. There are approximately 200 photos of the car in this ad, please use the inner scroll bar to see all the photos. There all there, trust me. Good luck to all. Thank you Michael Stanton, owner Super Sport

1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC


       1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC. Wonderful SEC I took in on trade for another 560 SEC I had for sale last year. Runs and drives really nice. Cold A/C, moonroof works great along with everything else on the car except for the antenna. Hardly needs it though. The new remote control stereo system works fine without it. I've driven it quite a bit here these last few months and as usual when these cars have been well taken care of they feel brand new. The gentleman and his wife I took the car in on trade from were very nice and told me a great story. The first time they owned the car was about 15 years ago and then sold it. After a few years they missed it so much the wife made her husband track it down and buy it back. They then proceeded to own it for many more years before trading it in to me. You don't see too many in this topaz color. Its a beautiful color combination and shows really nice in shade or sunlight. I took a few photos in shade in my front yard, otherwise I photographed it in direct sunlight in a park near my house. I am located in Clinton NY 13323 and urge people to please come see the car and drive it if you are interested. My number is 315-725-1966. Feel free to call and discuss this fine incredible automobile. My name is Michael Stanton and my website is Update ,, weekend of Sept 30th 2016 took this car on a 315 mile trip,, ran perfect and averaged 18 miles per gallon. I state this because its important to know that a vehicle of this age can gracefully be jumped into at any time and taken for a nice long trip !!!

1967 Olds Toronado

       1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe. What a lucky guy I am to own this car. What a truly incredible automobile this really is. Miles are original at 74,750 !!!!!!! Air Conditioning blows ice cold !!!! Paint code in the engine compartment reads code F which is Bimini Blue. Interior code in the engine compartment reads 084 which decodes to Champagne/ Dark Gold Carpeting. The paint on the car is incredible and perfect. Only 6 months old and is truly an unbelievable paint job. Absolutely flawless throughout and will take your breath away. Interior is original and unmolested just like the photos show and is a real pleasure just to look at with its soothing combination of gold and champagne. This is also a Toronado Deluxe as can be proven with the sequence of 4 numbers in the VIN .. 9687. About a month ago I had a full tuneup performed on the car even though it really did not need it. At the same time I had a brand new exhaust system installed as well as a new fuel pump because the pressure was a little low on the original one. The engine runs so smooth you won't believe it. I would have the confidence to get in this car and drive it across the country tommorrow. It needs nothing and is ready to go. I even had an alignment done yesterday just because the wheel was ever so slightly off center as well as had the tires rebalanced. The clock of course does not work. and also the radio is currently not working, however, the radio turns on just fine and the wonderbar works as it should. Appears to only be a small problem with the radio. Other than those 2 things this car is incredible if you cannot tell from the photos. Undercarriage is also very clean with no rust and no leaks. I will consider all trades, I will not accept any bids on the car unless it is accompanied with an email to me telling me who you are and a phone number. I can also deliver this car to you personally. I have a ford Excursion diesel with a featherlite trailer. Car is located in Central New york zip code 13323. So if your within 500 miles of me I will most likely be able to deliver it to you. It has a clear texas title. That is where the car spent it entire life up until 1 year ago. 315-853-1967.

1994 Cadillac Fleetwood

       1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. First of all let me start by saying that this is an incredible automobile. I bought this vehicle from the family of the original owner in Florida. I flew to Florida to take a weeks vacation, purchased the car, enjoyed it in Florida for a week and then casually drove it home here to central New York. The car drove perfectly and flawlessly all the way home and was probably the most enjoyable drive I have ever taken in my life. This car was purchased new in Pompano, Florida in April of 1994 by a gentleman and he kept it until his death this past summer. The car was willed to a relative and I bought the car from him. So this is a one owner car. Since I have purchased the car I have put new brakes all the way around and had the car aligned only because the tires are new, I also had a recent lube, oil and filter and the transmission serviced with new fluid and a transmission kit. This car needs absolutely nothing. It runs and drives perfectly. No issues and has ice cold AC. The drivers side heated seat is quite weak though but the other side works normally. Extremely low mileage as you can see. There is a small flaw in the leather on the passenger front side and a small blue stain in the carpet under the front passenger side that you have to look under the seat to see. Also the passenger side mirror has a small scratch on it that I did by accident. The paint on this car looks brand new. Its all original. You can still see all of the original factory orange peel. Non smoker car still smells like new leather. I can truly say the paint looks about flawless on the car and the chrome as well. Incredible as you can see in one of the photos I took with my refection in it. The undercarriage is rust free and quite obvious the car has never seen salt. The floor pans are still the original white like the top of the car. Its unbelievable. When this car was only 6 months old it had an accident in a parking lot and sustained very very minor damage. It was repaired perfectly and is completely impossible to tell where it even occurred on the car. It does show up on a carfax report and I will be happy to fax the carfax report to anyone who is interested. I'll also be happy to drive and deliver this car to you anywhere. The best thing you could do would be to by this car and fly in and drive it home..... hopefully across the United States.  315-725-1966

1975 Olds Toronado

       1975 Oldsmobile Toronado Brougham ,, having owned this car since the summer of 2008 I'm finding it quite difficult to sell this car. Bottom line is I have over 20 cars in my personal collection and I'm forcing myself to sell a few of them off. I've put 4600 miles on this car in the last 3 years, mainly because its such a pleasure to drive. Nice cold AC with those big fluffy white seats makes this one of the most comfortable cars I've ever driven in my life. Before I owned this car it was female owned by the same lady since 1979. I have every receipt you can imagine between now and 1979 and it absolutely proves the mileage on this car to be correct. Don't you love it when you can prove the mileage on an older car !! It drives like it only has 47,000 miles as well, which of course is important. Everything works on the car,, believe it or not even the clock, and its accurate. Has a beautiful Alpine stereo in it which sounds beautiful. I have the original AM/FM radio in case anyone wants to put it back to stock. Brand new tires have approximately 1000 miles on them, I also had it aligned at this time. Nice sounding throaty brand new true dual exhaust system without cat converter makes the car run crystal smooth. Paint is in excellent original condition with a few small issues here and there, nothing to be concerned about. Please call for more in depth descriptions on the phone (not email !!) of the paint or interior or anything else. Car needs nothing to resort to a perfect daily driver (it already is for me) or a show car. I'll be happy to deliver the vehicle to you if you live within a 7 hour drive from me at the most. I have a diesel Excursion SUV with an aluminum featherlite trailer. My zip code is 13323 Clinton NY. I'll tell you for sure this car runs and drives so perfectly and reliably I absolutely would not hesitate to take it across the US if you so desired,, matter of fact I would recommend it !! Please call Michael Stanton at 315-725-1966 to discuss the car and I'll be happy to consider all trades,, I buy and sell cars strictly for fun and alot of times for me the fun is in trading for something new and exciting 

1973 Cadillac Coupe Deville

        1973 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. This a great car,, perfect driver is every way and let me tell you why. I traded my beautiful Cross country volvo for this car over the winter of 2009 because I saw this car sitting in a dealership showroom and just had to have it and did the trade right there on the spot without having any intentions of buying a car on that cold winter day. I'm very glad I did. Since that time I have driven this car almost 2000 miles and I can say with certainty it is a very enjoyable, able, reliable, beautiful, smooth, relaxing incredible car. In the last 12 months the following improvements have been made to the car: New cap, rotor, plugs, wires, points, condenser, vaccuum advance, fuel filter, vaccuum hoses, manifold gaskets, brakes, dwell set, timing set, lube oil and filter at 74,600 as well as at 76,995 just recently, tires are also brand new with less than 1500 miles on them. This car has been with the same owner since 1978. I have the original New York State title form 1978 to prove it and the miles are original at almost 77000. Undercarriage is very very nice and solid with undercoating on it. The car is all completely original. I found the original build sheet under the drivers side of the car under the back seat and it decodes as follows: J -- White vinyl top 11 -- Colillion White 388 -- medium scarlett red leather R code -- 472 cubic inch V8 Produced on March 21, 1973. Its all there and its all factory correct. As for condition. Paint is in very good condition with only slight imperfections here and there around the car, no door dings and certainly no rust. Interior leather is near perfect with no damage at all and is still very very soft, comfortable and supple, dashboard is in perfect shape with no cracks and the small piece of velcrow on center dash I put there in order to mount my cordless Solo radar detector. AC does work but has a very small problem I can describe in further detail on the phone,, no big deal at all, has been retrofitted to R-134a and normal climate control works. Radio works fine but antenna is in down position at moment. Clock of course is not working. Other than that everything works just fine. I absolutely guarantee this car would make it across the United states if so inclined. I'll be happy to consider all trades, even on guitars which is my other hobby. I'll even deliver it to you if your within 500 miles of zip code 13323 which is where the car is located in Clinton NY. I have an Excursion diesel with a featherlite trailer and simply enjoy driving and meeting the people I sell my cars to. Please call me with any questions at 315-725-1966. I know if your serious about buying this car you will call me. thank you and best of luck. Michael Stanton, owner of

1977 Lincoln Mark V

         1977 Lincoln Mark V Cartier edition. One of the truly great cars I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I purchased this car in January of 2008 and at that time the car had exactly 23,703 original miles on the car. Currently it has just shy of 24,000 on it. What a magnificent automobile this Mark V is. The gentleman I purchased the car from was an absolute fanatic. In my hands I hold exactly $17,066 dollars in receipts that this gentleman spent in the summer and fall of 2007 to do a complete overhaul and restoration on this car. This does not include what he paid for the car. This man was so fanatical about the car that he even purchased a non working Cartier clock on ebay and sent it in with the original clock to have rebuilt together so that he would always have a spare working cartier clock. Literally everything has been restored on the car,, everything that is except for the wooden dashboard that is untouched and in good shape but does show the slightest bit of aging. This was a Florida car its entire life and was purchased from Florida in 2006 and brought up to the Northeast for the purposes of this concourse quality restoration. Without a doubt the greatest quality paint job I have ever seen on a car. Before the car was restored it was in extremely good condition. Some people are simply perfectionist and apply themselves to everything they do in such a fashion. This Mark V is an example of that kind of individual. This car is simply in too good of condition for me to warrant keeping it ,,, I'd like it to go to someone who appreciates perfection. The tires you see on the car in the photos are not going with the car. I put those on to drive the car. The car comes with its original Michelin X tires from 1977 and are in perfect condition. These are rare tires and even more rare to find in this condition. The tires appear to have only 5000 miles on them. I just didn't want to drive the car around with tires that are this rare and in this good of condition. Everything works on the car to include ice cold AC and a very nice and accurate cartier clock. Perfect body, interior and undercarriage will make your mouth water. The color on this car is dove grey and it so beautiful it almost looks white in bright sunlight. Undercarriage on the car is spotless. It even has a new underhood engine compartment fiberglass insulation. Car is at its best on a nice summer night with the moonroof open looking at a full moon, radio playing and the bright green dash lights seranading you down the smoothest road you can ever experiance in a Mark V like this. On May 19, 2009 I was in my garage and decided to look under the back seat for the build sheet and was elated to find it in perfect condition. I removed it and included it in the photos. One last thing this car has that is great. It has a very nice motion sensing alarm system that works quite well and gives the car a key fob making it possible to lock and unlock the car doors with the key fob. A very handy item and an incredible anti theft alarm. As a man who has had a 1970 Shelby Mustang stolen from him that took 8 years to come home I can attest to the fact that an alarm on an old car is priceless. I'll be happy to consider all partial trades and can deliver the Mark to you in my featherlite trailer if you don't live to far from me in Central NY zip code 13323. Thank you to all for looking at my 77 Cartier Mark V and best of luck. 

1970 Buick Gran Sport

         1970 Buick Gran Sport. This car is a national show winner. It took first place in the Gran Sport nationals in the summer of 2004 in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the best Gran Sport in the Nation. The year before that it took second place in the exact same competition. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly own a more beautiful car then some of the ones I've had over the course of the last couple of years, along comes this perfect automobile and proves me wrong. Although the photos of this car are fabulous, to see this car in person will blow you away. The paint on this car is truly something only a very gifted person could create. Factory original paint with no miles on it could never compete with how fantastic the paint is on this car. No ripples, orange peel, sctatches, dents or baby dents anywhere. Even the stripes you see were painted on. I could go on and on about the paint but I think you get the picture. The interior also is unsurpassed and appears as new ... flawless and perfect. This car had a frame off nut and bolt restoration of a numbers matching 455cid/360hp automatic. It has a 3.64 rear end with a high performance TH-400 transmission. It has factory air conditioning. The clock is currently not operating on the car. This car is one of only 5,189 GS cars produced in 1970. If you look at one of the last photos I have on my listing you will see an information sheet typed up on this GS stating all options on the car as well as a professional appraisal done on the car in 2002 giving it a value at that time of $29,000 !!! I have a receipt folder over 2 inches thick showing everything that was ever done to the car as well as all sorts of documentation you wouldn't believe. It has a picture of it at the track and ran an official quarter mile time of 13.7 seconds at 100 mph on stock tires. The car runs and drives as a brand new car. It has clocked only 5000 miles on the odometer since it was frame off restored and the car needs nothing. This car is truly incredible. Please call me if you'd like to discuss the car, I will take trades and I can deliver it to you with my featherlite trailer. Thank you. Michael Stanton.

1969 Buick Electra 225 Convertible

        1969 Buick Electra 225 Convertible in excellent condition. I drove this beautiful car around all summer and really enjoyed this awesome ride. Photos are quite accurate. Only thing thats left to do on this 225 is a good engine cleaning and its really not that dirty. Photos seem to make it look worse that it is, and an alignment. I put a brand new top on this Electra about 6 weeks ago. Cost me well over $2000. The top that was on it before was actually very very nice but was slightly detracting from the beauty of the rest of the car so I elected to put a brand new top on it. Not only is the top new but so is the rear glass, and well area and the weatherstripping as well. The top is now the highlight of the car and of course it works perfectly. Body is very very nice on the car with only the slightest imperfections here and there. Some slight pitting on some of the lower chrome and a slight rust spot in the lower part of the rear bumper that is very hard to see about the size of a dime. Underneath is very solid and mostly rustfree throughout. A professional appraisal was done on this car in July 2007 before the new top was put on. The appraisal will go with the car and is 7 pages long altogether. The original manual as well goes along with the car. Original 430 big block runs smooth and has no issues. If you want to shock yourself go look up the current NADA book value on this vehicle. Low retail alone stands at $13,860 !!! High retail on this car stands at $44,660. High book value on this car has gone up by over $6,000 in the last 6 months alone. Thats because its a cool car that is next to impossible to find. Certainly in this condition. Call Michael Stanton at 315-725-1966 with any questions on the car or if you might perhaps have a partial trade I might be interested in. Thank you

1972 " Bad News Bears" Eldorado

       1972 Cadllac Eldorado Convertible. Ladies and Gentleman this is a very special car I have in my possession. This is the actual car used in the 2 movies "Devils Rejects" and "Bad news Bears." Both movies came out in 2004 and 2005 respectfully. If you rent both movies you will see that this car was used extensively throughout both movies. In "Devils Rejects" the car was painted blue and was instrumental in many famous scenes in the movie including of course the famous chicken sex scene and of course the entire ending of the movie in the shootout when everyone dies. In "Bad News Bears" with Billy Bob Thornton as the star of the movie and the driver of the car, you can see the car throughout the entire movie. Theres about 15 different famous scenes in this movie where the car is the star and steals the show. As you can see in my photos if you've seen either movie, the car currently looks exactly the way did in "Bad news Bears." I recently put a brand new convertible power top on the car to the tune of over $3000. It works great. the car comes with a certificate of authenticity from picture car warehouse in Los Angeles, California. Its alot of fun to watch both movies and pick out different scenes and identify all the little odd identifying features of the car. Although "Devils Rejects" is becoming increasing more popular with its own cult following, the car is most famous for its last movie with Billy Bob Thorton. This car gets crazy attention wherever I go and its awesome to spend time just showing it off. I think every kid in America has seen "Bad News Bears." If you look closely at the photos you will see that whats appears to be rust on the car has actually been painted brown to give the appearance of rust. The car does not have any real rust on it,, it has only been beautified by hollywood to give the appearance as such. All sorts of kool things I found in the car,, like all of the original cigar butts that Buttermaker smoked in "Bad News Bears" as well as a nice rattrap and the original California plate. I also found the original script to "Bad News Bears" under the front seat if you can believe that!!! If you'd like to see the car in action, just go to utube and do a search for the car, it comes back very easily found in both movies, or better yet just go and rent the movies. I'll be happy to consider your trade toward this vehicle and I'll also be more than happy to deliver it for you or to help you with deliver options. Give me a call at 315-725-1966 and I'll be happy to discuss the car with you. Thank you Michael Stanton

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