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2006 Harley Davidson Roadster






         2006 Harley Davidson Sportster Roadster.  Not often do I get to sell a one owner car or motorcycle from new.  Even more rare is when that one owner vehicle is something I purchased new.  I bought this motorcycle new in Syracuse NY in 2006 with only 14 miles on the odometer.  I have loved every minute I have spent with this beautiful Roadster.  I bought it specifically because it was a ROADSTER and not just a sportster.  As I stated in my video.  It has never been washed even one time, it has never been in the rain, it has never been parked outside for more than 30 seconds.  The only time the bike has ever seen sunlight was at the moments I was actually on the bike and riding it.   The bike is absolutely perfect, perfect and perfect in every way.  It is indistinguishable from new. It is FLAWLESS.  You will be pleased beyond measure when you receive this bike and realize just how new and perfect it really is.  I welcome all visits to come see the bike for yourself.  With a valid motorcycle license anyone is welcome to take it for a ride.  If your within a few hours from where I live in Clinton NY I can even deliver it to you on my featherlite trailer.  Also, before someone asks me, the bike has never been in any sort of accident and it has never been laid down or fallen over.  My name is Michael Stanton.  I have been buying and selling classic cars and once in a while a motorcycle for over 30 years and I do it just for fun.  Its my hobby and I love it.  Please do not text me,  I will not text you back!!!!!!!!  My phone number is 315-853-1967.  Thank you kindly........

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